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4th Annual Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering

Friday - Sunday, August 25-27, 2017

Cimarron New Mexico     "Where the West is Still Wild"

Historic St. James Hotel            The Philmont Scout Ranch
Training Center Auditorium
Friday & Saturday   Friday 7-9:30 PM
sidewalk serenades, breakfast
& Friday lunch
  Saturday 11 AM-4 PM & 7-9:30 PM
jamming after 9:30 PM   Cowboy Church Sunday 9 AM

Tickets at the Door:      $10


2014 Performers

Jim Jones

Jim Jones tells it like it was, is and will be in the great American West. Native Texan, student of the West, he lives, sings and writes about cowboys, horses, cattle rustlers and such. He also knows there’s more to the story…how the coming of the train changed the West, how critical water is for survival. Jim’s songwriting, guitar-picking and unique vocal style keeps him in demand on the Western music circuit and at house concerts, coffeehouses, schools and libraries throughout the country.

The 2012 release of “Borrowed Time,” led to a 2013 Western Writers of America Spur Award for Western Song of the Year for his “Texas is Burnin’.” He now has eight Western Americana albums and three Western historical fiction novels under his belt. His award-winning books, the Jared Delaney trilogy-Rustler’s Moon, Colorado Moon and Waning Moon- are set in northern New Mexico, “loosely based in fact…basically, a pack of lies I made up.” They have educated, informed and entertained readers around the world.

Terry Nash was raised on a farm/ranch cow/calf operation on the High Plains of Colorado, near Idalia. In the late ‘60′s. After the farm was lost in an estate battle (the subject of one of his poems), Terry drifted into a thirty-five year career trucking, workin' to pay for his cow habit, and drifted to a small ranch near Loma, Colorado.

He and his wife have cut back to a semi-retired forty hours a week that keeps their horses and cattle in feed, and Terry spends his "spare" time writing and reciting cowboy poetry and spendin’ as much time a’horseback as possible. Never passin' up a chance to say something, Terry performs his poetry and classics for gatherings and wherever folks'll listen.

Terry Nash
Randy Huston

Randy Huston is a fourth generation livestock producer, and partners with his father on their ranch in New Mexico. He started breaking horses for wages at the age of 14 and spent many years in rodeo arenas through high school and college. He's written some of the most widely recognized of contemporary cowboy music, and his songs have been recorded by some of the "stars" of this genre. Randy was voted one of the top five male entertainers in 2007 by the Academy Of Western Artists, and was 2010 Academy Of Western Artists male vocalist of the year.

Floyd Beard has been a cowboy most of his life. He has held many other jobs to support his cow habit from working as a carpenter, teacher, and school administrator to ranch foreman and truck driver, just to mention a few. Floyd and his wife Valerie currently run a cow calf operation on the Eastern Plains of Colorado near Punkin Center. Floyd began writing poetry while out working his cattle in the 1980’s. He would write down lines and verses about what he experienced while out in the saddle and dealing with his livestock and horses. He would then mold these thoughts into stories and songs when he got back to the house that evening. His poetry is about his own experiences and his observations of the western way of life. Floyd’s stories are inter-woven with his western code of high ethics and integrity and sprinkled richly with humor. Floyd also recites some cowboy poetry classics from some of the best keeping the history alive. His philosophy is simple. “Life is a journey not a destination, and is best viewed from atop a good horse.” Floyd Beard
Mike Moutoux

Mike Moutoux is from Silver City, New Mexico. Also known as "New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy," he specializes in turning ranch work into cowboy songs and cowboy poetry that give listeners a rare look into the life of a working cowboy. "I've helped to pull calces and watched them take their first breath, laid on the ground in the mud and blood doctoring cows, been chased by cows, kicked by cows, fallen off a horse or two, and just generally collected too many fond memories to remember." His work has taken him high into the Pecos Wilderness in norther New Mexico, to the rolling hills and arroyos of southwest New Mexico, to the flat mesquite plains near Carlsbad.

He plays a mix of songs, mostly his own, but always includes some classics the audience is sure to recognize. There will be wild rides, cattle drives, and endless big blue skies all wrapped up in poetry and song. With his smooth voice, authentic material, and a wonderful sense of humor, it doesn;t take long for an audience to appreciate what enchanting means: captivating and charming.

Dale Page was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While attending Oklahoma State University, he worked as a horseshoer, bull rider, stable manager, dude wrangler, and on the movie set of “The Cheyenne Social Club.” Page majored in English, but after graduation in 1970, worked as the farm and ranch reporter for the Amarillo Globe News. Combining his learned appreciation of poetry with his horseback experiences, he began writing cowboy poetry in the mid 1970’s. His performances include trail rides, charity events, private parties, church classes, cowboy church services, Friends of the Library, and the Indiana State Museum.

In 2008, he was named Best Performer at the Oklahoma State University library's Cowboy Poetry and Songs event. That same year, he was a runner-up in the Lariat Laureate contest at the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry. Dale won First Place in the Rising Star Division, serious poet, at the 2010 Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Montrose, CO. In 2013, he was 1st runner-up for the Cowboy Idol Cowboy Poetry award.

Dale Page
Doug Figgs Doug Figgs is proud to be called a cowboy. His greatest loves, after his wife and family, are fine horses and good music. Doug and his wife Cathy run a full time farrier business along with raising fine paint horses, a few cows, and growing hay. Terry Eilers, proprietor of the Stage Door Grill, a popular music venue in Central New Mexico, says of Doug: "We have many touring artists from all over the country who play here, and without a doubt, Doug is the most talented and draws the biggest crowds.


Kay Kelly Nowell has been privileged to have taken part in many cowboy poetry gatherings, from the first one in Elko to her current favorite regional events. In 1989, she recited one of her poems on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. She much prefers the down-home atmosphere and authenticity of the traditional gatherings. Her poems have been published in several anthologies and come from her experiences of breaking colts, working cattle and the cowboys she has known.

In October, 2007, she married Gene Nowell, together they own Hilltop Livestock. Kay loves to day work and also help Gene with his own registered Gelbvieh and commercial herds. She is easing out of the horse business but keeps some good ones around to play with and go work cattle. She treasures the friendships that have come to her through cowboy poetry.

Kay Kelly Novell
Deanna Dickinson McCall
Deanna Dickinson McCall currently ranches in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband. She is from a long line of ranchers, people who revere the land and livestock, and love their livelihood. Deanna and her husband spent 22 years raising their 3 children on a remote Nevada ranch without electricity or phones. Besides ranching in several states, she’s ridden for paychecks, sold feed and received cattle at sales yards to make ends meet when necessary.

The stories she writes are generous slices of this life. They are tales of gritty existence, simple honest love, a code of honor still upheld, and beating overwhelming odds. They are about the people and land of today’s West. Her poetry opens a door allowing you deep into her world, often touching a heart string as she writes of the ranch life and people she loves, or sends her reader into laughter as her wry humor rings true.

Gayanne Jeffers & Kara Mutz Gayanne, a native of northeastern New Mexico, has been blessed with two children, daughter Sonny and son Thomas. Gayanne and her husband Casey feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to raise their kids in Cimarron, N.M., where since 1989 they have worked side by side in their family-owned western retail business “Cimarron West”. Casey is a well known leather craftsman, with a leather shop in the store. Gayanne tends to the other parts of the store which consists of loading feed, selling boots, or shaping a hat now and then.

Gayanne grew up playing and singing with her family in church and regular jam sessions. Her father, Gary Munden Sr., taught her how to play the guitar and mandolin, and her mother, Marjorie Munden, spent hours on the piano, breaking down the harmony parts for brother, sister, and Gayanne.

Gayanne feels that one of the most enjoyable things in her life is finding that perfect song where the harmonies and voices connect. Gayanne sought out Kara Mutz as a musical partner, thinking their sound together could be interesting.

Kara recalls that music has always been an important part of her life. With a lot of respected help from family and friends she is inspired to keep traditional cowboy songs alive and motivated to never let them fade away. She says its the simplicity of the words and rythyms that she loves the most, and how a good story can be shared in just a few melodies.

She grew up on Vermejo Park Ranch and currently lives with her husband and children on the P&M Mutz Ranch near Eagle Nest, NM.

Gayanne Jeffers and Kara Mutz
Gayanne & Kara

Duke Vance

Duke Vance Duke Vance is from Flagstaff, AZ. Infused by generations of cowboys surrounding his early childhood, Duke was working ranches by the time he was 14. Rewarding as it is to work with animals and learning the ways of cattle, he knows you "aren't a cowboy 'til an old-timer calls you one."

He started penning poetry in 2010 and realized poetry might be able to reach rather than his horses' ears.

Rod Taylor, originally from Lubbock, Texas left his home to pursue the cowboy life and has worked at Vermejo Park, TO, and UU Bar before spending the last 30 years cowboying on the Philmont Ranch. He has been playing music even longer, both as a solo artist and with regional bands including currently playing with The Rifters. Rod has several albums and other music projects. He lives with his wife Patty on the Philmont Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico. Rod Taylor, Rincon Creek Studios
photo by Rincon Creek Studios
Dennis Russell Nazelrod, Rincon Creek Studios
photo by Rincon Creek Studios

Dennis Russell and his family first moved to Cimarron, NM, in 1962. Moving into the St. James Hotel and seeing the Wild West from the eyes of a 7-year-old changed his life forever. Seeing folks riding into town and the horses tied to the hitching' posts was one of the reasons he developed a love for the True West and the life style that goes with it.

Dennis has played his guitar and written songs since he was quite young. In the last 10 years he has performed his original poems and other published classic poetry. He is one of many who play and sing at the Cimarron United Methodist Church on a regular basis, and has performed at the St. James Hotel, Capulin Summer Market, and on open microphone stages at the Durango (CO), Prescott (AZ), Grand Junction (CO), La Junta (CO), and Alpine (TX) gatherings. He's found that private gatherings and house concerts are always a good place to share stories.

He was appointed the first Cimarron Poet Laureate on June 30, 2014. He is the founder of the Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering.

Steve Zimmer, the Master of Ceremonies, was raised on his family’s ranch north of Amarillo. He received a B.S. in Anthropology and a Master’s Degree in History at UNM. After college he directed the museums at the Philmont Scout Ranch for twenty years.

He authors books about the west and writes for many publications, such as Persimmon Hill and Western Horseman. Steve is currently working on a history of the open range days in 19th Century New Mexico. Now retired from Philmont, Steve teaches a few history classes and lives with his wife, Shari, and sons, Parker and Marshall, at their ranch outside Cimarron, New Mexico, where they raise Quarter Horses.

Steve Zimmer
Saddle Sores

Saddle Sores Ranchers from Pritchett, CO, the dance band Saddle Sores comprises of brothers Dane & Casey Everett and Casey's wife Laneha Everett. The Everett's grew up attending community dances and playing music with their parents. This lead both brothers to pursue guitar through high school and college. Dane, a serial bandie, pursued music in college with classes and participation in several bands prior to the Saddle Sores. He continues to be a member of the The Smediums currently playing in the Amarillo area. Casey mostly played with his brother and occasionally with a local neighbor until formalizing is interest in music with the Saddle Sores in 2008. Laneha pursued music through band in high school and college began to learn the guitar in college and then pursuing the bass guitar after marrying Casey. Primarily specializing in two-stepping dance music, the band also enjoys acoustic sets within wide variety of musical genres.


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