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4th Annual Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering

Friday - Sunday, August 25-27, 2017

Cimarron New Mexico     "Where the West is Still Wild"

Historic St. James Hotel            The Philmont Scout Ranch
Training Center Auditorium
Friday & Saturday   Friday 7-9:30 PM
sidewalk serenades, breakfast
& Friday lunch
  Saturday 11 AM-4 PM & 7-9:30 PM
jamming after 9:30 PM   Cowboy Church Sunday 9 AM

Tickets at the Door:      $10


2016 Photos

Dancers from the audience at the Saturday afternoon show
Dancers at the Saturday afternoon show   
(photo by Dennis Russell)

Photos by Bill Patterson, Patterson Photography

all photos may be used if photo credit is given.
Please use "photo(s) by Bill Patterson" or "photo(s) by Patterson Photography"

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Performers plus guests and open mic:
Jack Brugger, Purly Gates, Randy Hoyt, Jill Jones, Frank Ogden, Mark Smith, others.
Also featuring volunteers, the Philmont staff, fans, spouses, members of the audience, and the chuck wagon team.

Jill Jones, Purly Gates chuck wagon Broken Chair Band
audience Dennis Russell Floyd Beard Randy Huston Millie Kaye
Calvin Danner Hampton Washtub Jerry, Randy Huston, Doug Figgs Dale Burson
Dale Page Almeda Bradshaw Doug Figgs and wife Janice Deardorff Jim Wilson
Jim Jones RW Hampton, Calvin Danner Hampton Sandy Reay
sound man Susie Knight Tom Swearingen Terry Nash Valerie Beard
Washtub Jerry volunteers audience
Nona Kelley Carver Washtub Jerry, Susie Knight, Randy Huston, Dale Page, Jim Jones Mary Kaye, Millie Kaye
chuck wagon chuck wagon audience
Mary Kaye Rod Taylor open mic Jan Swan Wood Janice Deardorff
audience Dale Burson, Millie Kaye, Mary Kaye, Terry Nash Broken Chair Band
Doug Figgs Almeda Bradshaw Dennis Russell Terry Nash open mic
Mary Kaye, Millie Kaye Washtub Jerry, Randy Huston, Jim Jones Floyd Beard
audience Dale Page Calvin Danner Hampton Susie Knight Jim Jones
JJ Steele audience Peggy Malone
Mary Kaye, Millie Kaye chuck wagon Nona Kelley Carver
open mic Doug Figgs Valerie Beard the man from the Philmont audience
Purly Gates audience Janice Deardorff and husband
Randy Huston Mary Kaye Terry Nash open mic Valerie Beard
Sandy Reay Washtub Jerry, Peggy Maloneaudience Dennis Russell
Almeda Bradshaw, Purly Gates Broken Chair Band, Doug Figgs Mary Kaye, Millie Kaye
Dale Page Millie_Kaye, Dale Burson, Terry Nash Floyd Beard
Janice Deardorff Randy Huston, Jim Jones audience
Randy Huston, audience chuck wagon Susie Knight
Nona Kelley Carver Millie Kaye Terry Nash audience Susie Knight
open mic Washtub Jerry, Dale Burson, Randy Huston Randy Huston, Dale Page, Jim Jones
Peggy Malone Millie Kaye JJ Steele
Washtub Jerry, Jill Jones, Rod Taylor chuck wagon Randy Huston, Jim Jones
Jim Jones Purly Gates Randy Huston Dennis Russell Broken Chair Band, Dani
Purly Gates, Washtub Jerry, Jill Jones, Dani Carter Washtub Jerry, Jim Wilson Mary Kaye
Almeda Bradshaw, Purly Gates audience Broken Chair Band, Doug Figgs
open mic chuck wagon Nona Kelley Carver Tom Swearingen Washtub Jerry
Randy Huston, Jim Jones chuck wagon Washtub Jerry, Randy Huston, Doug Figgs
Dennis Russell, Randy Huston Washtub Jerry, Jim Wilson, Jim Jones Washtub Jerry, Peggy Malone
Washtub Jerry Peggy Malone, audience participation Calvin Danner Hampton, Mille Kaye
Randy Huston, Sandy Reay chuck wagon

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or call Dennis Russell (719) 330-1797

Co-Producer: Dale Page


Thanks to our volunteers:
Shirley Dale, Kaye Peery, Jack Brugger


The St. James Hotel & Staff
The Philmont Scout Ranch
KRTN Radio

The Albuquerque Journal August 2016

"The Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering: How to Put on a Cowboy Gathering" from the Winter 2015 The Western Way.

Thanks to our 2016 Top Hand Sponsors: The Philmont Scout Ranch, The St. James Hotel & Staff, Express Ranches, C S Ranch, Cimarron Health Center, AcousticByLines; and our performance sponsors:Broken Horn Music, Cabinets by Connie, Cimarron Maverick Club, Cimarron United Methodist Church, Bob Burns, Fred Lambert, Markus Printing & Stationary,  Schwenk's Antique Hall. Please support our sponsors. Be a 2017 sponsor and put your business link here! Contact us on Facebook or call Dennis Russell (719) 330-1797